Welcome. It's nice to meet you. My name is Patrick McLaren, and this is my homepage. Here, you can read my scrapbook, or learn about the projects I'm involved in.

I'm a software engineer, with a background in mathematics.


I occasionally blog about software development, and testing. The blog is called a scrapbook so can I feel a little better about it's appearance, content, and frequency.


Memoread  A Smarter Flashcard App

Memoread is an online spaced repetition flashcard app. When you study flashcards that you create on Memoread, your flashcards are automatically rescheduled based on your performance.

The online application is written in AngularJS, with a Ruby on Rails backend. Recently (March '15), I developed a companion Android app for Memoread. You can get it on Google play:

Android app on Google Play

Open Source

Fable  Simple table sorting & filtering for AngularJS

Fable is an AngularJS module that provides basic functionality for interactive tables. Fable allows you to sort by columns, as well as filter rows.

PolyRank  Calculating determinantal ideals of algebraic varieties


If you need to get in touch, try my gmail: patrickkmclaren. Otherwise, I can be found on the following sites.

Stack Overflow

Recently, I've begun to use StackOverflow more. I mostly answer Python, Ruby, Android, and AngularJS questions.

I sometimes visit Math.SE.

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