How to apply OCR to PDF Documents

I had too many PDFs on my computer, with no way of figuring out what each document was, short of opening every single one. To remedy this, I created the following script, which uses tesseract-ocr. Read More

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- Basic Representation Theory of Finite Groups I

So, what exactly is a representation? Well, as the name suggests, it is a method for representing an object, thus obtaining concrete data. Given the abstract nature of groups, is is extremely useful to employ representation theory to groups, as we shall see.

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- DWM Tags over Workspaces

As Andrew Wong writes, dwm tags are not workspaces. That is, rather than switching from one collection of windows to another, embrace the dynamics of dynamic window manager, and toggle tags as you need them.

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- Direct Sums and Bases

We note the existence of a trivial direct sum of vector spaces. First, we recall the definition of a direct sum.

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- Switched to Jekyll

I have now switched from Google Blogspot to Jekyll, a move motivated by the post Don’t be evil.

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